Training Activity

General Terms of Supply

    1. Introduction:

    For the purposes of the contract, the following definitions apply:

    • Protezione Ambientale or Laboratory: The company Protezione Ambientale r.l., with registered office in Alessandria, via dell’Automobile 6/8 Industrial Zone D3, tax code and VAT number no. 01717300063. The Laboratory is in possession of the company Quality System certification in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard at Certiquality (No. 2359) and accredited by the Piedmont Region for the provision of training courses for ASPP and RSPP. The Laboratory is in possession of further “Acknowledgments and Authorizations” which are better reported on the page:
    • Client: The legal entity, public or private, who requests the Laboratory to participate in a training course and / or to design and deliver a training course.
    1. General Conditions

    These General Conditions apply to the relationship between the Laboratory and the Customer, without prejudice to any special conditions agreed between the same parties in writing.

    Individual contracts can be concluded according to specific written agreements or by accepting offers drawn up by the Laboratory.

    The signing of the offer confirms the acknowledgment and acceptance of these general conditions. Any changes to what is indicated in the Laboratory offer are possible, subject to formalization and description of the same.

    1. Object of the training contract

    The existing relationship between Protezione Ambientale and the Customer is intended as a contract concerning the design and provision of training courses by Protezione Ambientale S.r.l.

    1. Performance of the service

    The training courses are listed on the website

    Each course sheet provides a description of the objective of the training activity, the program and duration, the recipients, any requirements for admission to the course, the profile of the teacher, the teaching methodology, the issue of participation certificates and / o certification of skills, of the registration deadline (generally 10 working days before the start of the course), any preliminary conditions for the start of the course (eg achievement of a minimum number of participants).

    In case of interest in a course, the Training Secretariat will send the relative offer, indicating the participation fee, the place and date chosen for the course and payment methods.

    Participation in the course provides for the return of the offer signed for acceptance by fax or email to:

    Protezione Ambientale s.r.l. – Training Secretariat – Fax. 0131-240271 – Email:

    The signing of the offer confirms the acknowledgment and acceptance of these general conditions.

    Protezione Ambientale S.r.l. reserves the right to postpone or suspend the course in the event of an insufficient number of participants and to promptly notify them (by telephone, fax or e-mail).

    1. Training secretariat

    In case of need for urgent information, offers or communication, contact from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 18.00

    Protezione Ambientale Training Secretariat S.r.l. : Phone: 0131-248251o / Fax: 0131- 248251

    1. Course delivery methods

    The courses provided do not provide for the initial selection of participants through tests and / or exams. In case of renunciation of the course by the Client, the communication must be received in writing 2 days before the start date of the course.

    The teacher is obliged to sign the attendance register, validating with his signature the actual presence of the participants. Each participant is obliged to sign the register of daily attendance Participants are required to behave and dress appropriately for a work environment, at the entrance and exit of the classroom, during the break, towards the teaching staff and non-teacher and to respect the environments, furnishings and equipment of the course location.

    The participant is invited to attend the classroom sessions by listening, reporting doubts or difficulties, asking for explanations and any support from the teacher or the course coordinator.

    Attendance of the lessons is compulsory. Unjustified absence involves the cancellation of the registered participant from the course, without prejudice to the obligation to pay.

    The participant who, for justified reasons, should be absent for part of the course, can be admitted to make up for hours in a subsequent edition of the same course, at the discretion of Protezione Ambientale.

    If practical exercises are envisaged, negligent behavior must be avoided during their performance, which could endanger the safety of the people present. If the exercise involves its use, Protezione Ambientale makes the PPE available to the students. necessary for the exercise: their use is mandatory in the manner illustrated by the teacher.

    The teacher is required to observe and ensure compliance with the utmost punctuality and to respect the contents of the course program, carrying out any intermediate and / or final checks. He is responsible for delivering the register, the checks carried out, the grade sheet and satisfaction questionnaires at the end of the lessons to the course coordinator. The teacher provides for the preparation of the teaching material.

    At the start of the first day of the course, in the case of courses at our venue, the Course Coordinator will be responsible for welcoming participants and organizing and managing breaks.

    The Course Coordinator is the reference for the assistance of participants and teachers, arranges for the preparation of teaching tools and any personal protective equipment for each of the courses provided.

    1. Scheduling of courses

    The courses are scheduled on established dates and published on the website:

    The Customer has the right to request the delivery of a course on a different date, except for the RSPP and ASPP courses.

    1. Certificates

    The attendance of the course and the passing of the final assessment of the degree of learning allow the release of the certificate of participation.

    1. Security costs

    The business costs incurred for safety at work, where applicable, are calculated on the basis of the total amount of the service and specifically indicated in the offer; in the case of courses delivered at your premises, any electrical connections are to be considered excluded and therefore at your expense, if not available.

    Any discounts are not applied to security costs which therefore remain unchanged.

    1. Location of the course

    The courses can be held at:

    • The Protezione Ambientale office in Via dell’automobile, 6/8 – 15121 Alessandria (AL), for which we guarantee that the places where the lessons are held comply with the current legislation on: safety and hygiene at work (Legislative Decree . 81/08 and subsequent amendments), fire prevention, accident prevention and the rules for the removal of architectural barriers. In all the premises of the Protezione Ambientale S.r.l. smoking is strictly prohibited.
    • The Client’s office, for which it guarantees that adequate working conditions are present in the places where the lessons are held, in compliance with current legislation on: safety and hygiene at work (Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent modifications), fire prevention, accident prevention.

    The location of the course will be agreed with the company representative and indicated on the attendance register.

    1. Accident prevention regulations

    In carrying out its activities, Protezione Ambientale applies and complies with all the provisions and obligations provided for in the field of safety and health of workers at work pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 and subsequent amendments and additions also in the event that the worker carries out his activity at external offices, limited to the risks associated with the use of equipment, systems, safety devices and anything else that is legally available for any reason – ownership, loan, lease, etc. – of employees.

    In the event of interventions at the Customer’s premises, the latter is responsible for providing information material about the risks present in the company and any personal protective equipment.

    1. Protection of privacy

    Protezione Ambientale collects data concerning the Customer, to be used for the purpose of carrying out the activity inherent to this supply agreement. These data are processed in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions.

    1. Confidentiality obligation

    Protezione Ambientale maintains the obligation not to disclose to third parties the documentation relating to this contract and any other information of which it becomes aware on the occasion of the contract itself; this even after its termination for any reason.

    The parties undertake to maintain the utmost confidentiality and professional secrecy from third parties regarding the corporate organizational structure of the other party. Each party, in particular, will take all necessary precautions in order to safeguard office secrecy and will impose this obligation on its employees and / or collaborators, and third-party companies, prohibiting them from any abusive use of the information received.

    1. Complaints

    Protezione Ambientale does not accept written complaints after eight days from the date of the course.

    1. Payment terms

    The payment of the participation fee (which includes any educational material and coffee breaks for courses at the Protezione Ambientale office) must be made as indicated in the offer.

    1. Jurisdiction

    Any dispute that should arise between the parties regarding the interpretation, execution and termination of the existing contract between them, will be devolved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Alessandria.

    Alessandria 01/12/2014